The Basic Series by Tortus Copenhagen

I’ve never thought I could fall in love with tableware, but I must say I’m head over heels with the ceramics manufactured by Tortus Copenhagen!  

Tortus Copenhagen is a small Danish design studio which is devoted to creating unique encounters with objects. Using modern adaptation of traditional and time-tested making methods, their goal is to create vessels of timeless quality and beauty.

The Tortus team is comprised of Eric Landon, master potter and designer, and Karin Blach Nielsen, architect of color and surface. Together they create amazing ceramics that strike out of the ordinary.

The rich colors, textures and forms are just enchanting! Everything is hand-shaped and hand-glazed.  Presented above is the Basic series, the one that got my full admiration. Not that the others are not just as lovely! You can discover the whole collection here.

Tortus ceramics are available for online purchasing, or if you happen to be in Copenhagen, don’t hesitate and pay them a visit. Yo never know what goodies catch your eye and you get to see how the whole process unfolds !

All photos and info via Tortus Copenhagen website.

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Leimu lamps by Magnus Pettersen for Iittala

It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and warm concrete can be ! Paired up with hard wood or mouth blown glass, creates great contrast and redefines compatibility.

These are the beautiful Leimu lamps created by young Norwegian designer Magnus Pettersen, that were presented during the Clerkenwell Design Week this year. Inspired by architectural structures, the designer wanted to create on object which would bring concrete indoors, but in a more warm and delightful way.

The sturdy concrete base of the lamp blooms into a copper color tinted glass shade. Leimu spreads a warm, delightful light, that is surely to create that cozy, homey feeling. The lamp comes in two sizes S:200 x 300 mm and L:250 x 380 mm and is manufactured by Iittala.

I think it’s simply gorgeous! For more info and purchasing details, you can contact the designer here.

All photos and info via Magnus Pettersen’s website.

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Sunday coffee: The Bistort – Semyniak, Bali

Have you ever had a day when you just wanted to escape the city ? To just wake up in a bejeweled place, where people smile at you kindly and living seems easy ?  

I do ! So each Sunday, I dream about having a steamy coffee and great soul food in a place like this. So my dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bali!

This is The Bistrot, the exquisite brainchild of Moroccan designer Zohra Boukhari and her husband Blaise. Located in a popular part of the Seminyak area of southern Bali, you seem to step into another world when you cross the doorsteps.

Big, lofty windows, industrial furniture and vintage objects cleverly picked, create an atmosphere that the owners say “Hemingway would be proud of”. To me, it seems to be the kind of place you enter with an empty stomach, but you leave with a full soul.

Me and one of my dearest friends, Natalia, keep saying we’ll have coffee together all over the world. But here, my dear, it would be perfect to have hours and hours of stimulating conversation, over a glass of red wine, amazing food and all that jazz in the background.

So be sure to stop by when you happen to be in Bali. If you were bewitched by this place like I was, more info can be found here.

All photos by Fabien Barral via

Till next Sunday, enjoy the finest coffee and product design out there, love FTDM.

Wrap tables by Lucie Koldova for Lugi

I am constantly searching this great garden of internet for new and fresh designers whose work I might just adore.  I thought only design legends like Poul Henningsen and Hans J. Wegner could make me fall in love with all their creations, but somehow this is starting to change.

Beautiful and extremely talented Lucie Koldova has been on my “I really love it!” list since I first discovered the Muffin and Balloon lamps she created alongside Dan Yeffet.

Today I am going to talk to you about these gorgeous coffee tables, but you will definitely see more of Lucie’s work on this blog.

These are the Wrap tables, low coffee tables made of two bent pieces of plywood rolled into one compact wrap. The tops are made of solid oak wood and perfectly complete the light feeling of the base.

Available in 3 sizes, with a mat varnish with visible texture, the Wrap tables combine classic wood craftsmanship with innovative wood bending techniques, in order to create a gentle and functional form.

What I love about these tables and about all Lucie’s products, is the way in which the object itself seems to be a canvas for the natural materials. It’s like the designer’s whole efforts went into finding the best way to emphasize the material’s essence, the functionality of the object being second placed.

Beautiful and perfectly functional, these deliciously designed tables are being manufactured by Lugi.

For more details or purchasing info, you can contact the designer here

All photos and info via Lucie Koldova’ s website.

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Sunday coffee: Society Cafe, Bath

 There is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  You know..there is something about rainy summer days… they make you dream, make plans and think about new beginnings. And what other place could be more perfect for having this habitual delight, that a sweet and cozy cafe ?

This is Society cafe, a cute and warm cafe in Bath, UK.  With an industrial feel, home roasted coffee and a touch of art, this place is one of those cafes that immediately turns into your second home. 

Devoted to treating you like royalty with delicious cake, homemade granola with yoghurt, compote and fresh sandwiches, the Society cafe is a place where both your belly and soul get properly fed.

Packed with a selection of art books, magazines and exhibitions of local talent, this joint offers a nurturing environment for your creative development.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing people who do what they love, with great passion and commitment. And while doing this,  they manage to offer the best service and products out there. It is beautiful to see and taste this passion in a cup of espresso. 

So take your friends, you family, your dog or just your laptop and get down there! Have fun, laugh, create, dream and just enjoy life. And while you are there, have some great coffee Victory!

I’ve never been to Bath, but I’ll surely drop by and have some cake and coffee when I’ll get the chance.

For those of you how live in the area, here you can find the location, opening hours, menu and much more.

Be sure to check the short video below, to find out more about Society cafe and their philosophy.

All photos via Society Cafe Facebook page, all info via their website.

Till next Sunday, enjoy the finest coffee and product design daily, love FTDM.

The Mega Sofa Collection by Chris Martin for Massproductions

Hello guys! How are you today? Feeling a bit tired ? Because this Mega (awesome) sofa is sure waiting for you to stretch your legs and maybe catch a nap!

Or maybe your favorite place to snuggle up and enjoy some quality time of your own is a big, bulky armchair or a smooth minimal daybed. No need to worry, because the Mega collection designed by Chris Martin of (and for) Massproductions, includes one of each.

This beautiful collection was inspired by freshly baked loafs of bread, resting in a metal basket. Each item is comprised of thin steel tube side panels and plump cushions that offer superb comfort and a interesting sculptural expression.

The collection is available in a wide range of textile materials which you can find here.

I must say my personal favorite is the two-seater version of the Mega sofa. The whole collection plus other amazing products can be purchased directly from Massproductions’ website.

For more information about he products, you can contact Massproductions here.

All photos and info via Massproductions.

Enjoy the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Schwarzes Gold Lamp by Ingo Schuppler

This is BEAUTIFUL! I can hardly find the words to describe how much I love Ingo Schuppler‘s  Schwarzes Gold pendant lamp. And you guys know that when I say beautiful, I mean fully functional, sustainable, esthetically pleasing and recyclable. 

This lamp truly  represents an attempt (and an achievement!) to create a product which is energy saving and rises awareness about the limited resources our great Mother Earth can supply. 

“Today lamps with energy-saving light bulbs are titled as ‘eco-friendly.’ For granted, saving energy is a fundamental principle for sustainable design, but it is only a fraction of the whole. In a time characterized by vanishing natural resources, climate change, and toxic waste, the eco-friendliness of a lamp depends on more than just its light bulb. The materials used, the production process, the packaging, and its disposal must be considered.”

The lampshade was made using only natural materials: copper, water, flour and FSC-certified charcoal. In the video below you can see how these amazing lamps are being made, from scratch. I’ve watched it like 5 times and it still gives me goose bumps. Enjoy!

 If you love Schwarzes Gold as much as I do and thinking about purchasing one, you can contact the designer here.

All photos via Ingo Schuppler. Info via mocoloco.

Enjoy the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Frigg Sofa by Marianne Kleis Jensen

Don’t know about you guys, but I just love that feeling when, at the end of the day, you collapse on that comfy sofa that awaits you in the living room. I love to take a warm blanket, some tea and a book or my laptop and have a moment for myself. 

The Frigg sofa, designed by lovely Marianne Kleis Jensen, is perfect if you are looking for a place to snuggle and unwind. Frigg is a functional piece of furniture which allows you to withdraw from the world, feel safe, rest and recharge. The sofa is fully upholstered and comes with a set of quilted cushions.

I really like the asymmetrical shell and the balance between the different material categories. They contrast, but somehow manage to keep a unitary harmony. Congrats to Marianne for this neat project!

If you like The Frigg sofa as much as I do, you can contact the designer here.

Photos by Emil Monty Freddie and Steen Gyldendal.

All photos and info via Marianne Kleis Jensen.

Enjoy the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Strik chair by Kristina Kjaer

Strik chair

Hello guys! Hope you Monday was full of joy and really productive. My day was a bit dreary and I think I’m coming down with a cold. All day long, I could only think about getting in a warm and fuzzy chair, with some hot tea and a good book. This desire to cuddle in a comfortable and warm place, reminded me about this awesome chair designed by beautiful Kristina Kjaer.

Strik chair

As the designer states, Strik is a snugly armchair , with an ash base and knitted wool upholstery. The upholstery is reversible and can be used as a blanket, which is lovely, because I really like to cover up even when I’m at my desk.

Strik chair  

Inspired by humans’ instinct of protecting the body from the cold,  Strik is like a wooden teddy bear wearing a knitted sweater, ready to give you a big warm hug.


Kristina Kjaer is a young talented designer, who’s work you will definitely see featured again on FTDM. If you are thinking about purchasing this beautiful chair, you can contact Kristina here.

All photos by Ditte Chemnitz via Kristina Kjaer

Enjoy the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Sunday coffee: The Urban Coffee Farm, Melbourne

The spring is finally here and there’s no greater pleasure one can have, than a cup of  creamy latte, in the warmth of a Sunday sun ! Yup, it is time to leave the indoors and enjoy a breath of fresh air and some face-to-face conversation with the people you love.  And if you happen to be in Melbourne, Australia,  The Urban Coffee Farm is the right spot to do it.

Part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew bar is a hub of flavors and coffee awesomeness, seasoned with quality time spending and knowledge building . 

Conceived by HASSELL studio, the project’s aim was to create an urban installation that redefines the experience of a space. The Queensbridge Square in Melbourne is a highly transited junction, which seemed to be the perfect place where Melbournians and visitors alike, could interact and discover the history and essence of coffee.

The Urban Coffee Farm embodies more than 120 coffee plants, shipping containers  and timber pallets.  The aim of the installation was two-sided: reactivating a space that was unconsciously neglected by  passersby, while  bringing awareness of the growing, brewing and roasting processes that deliver us that daily dose of coffee awesomeness.

I’m really excited to see beautiful things happening, based on strategically creative design solutions. Because this is the purpose of design, to build objects and habitats that serve the humanity, with minimal environmental footprint. 

Packed with daily workshops with top baristas and rosters, The Urban Coffee Farm and Brew bar is a treat you should definitely give yourself. 

I feel a bit sad I can’t experience this live, but if some of you guys are in Melbourne area, make sure you drop by before the festival is over on the 17th of March.

You can find all the information regarding the workshops here.

Read more about Melbourne Food and Wine here.

All photos and info via

Till next Sunday, enjoy good coffee and the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Stripe chair by Oliver Schick for Skandiform

Don’t you just love that feeling when you stretch yourself on a lounge chair and unwind  with a cup of tea and a great book ? I do, that’s why I believe each and every home should have alt least one. There are so many of them out there, it is important to find the right one for you.

This is the beautiful Stripe chair designed by Oliver Schick for Skandiform. A lounge chair, slim and elegant. It has the comforting qualities of a bulky lounge chaise, but maintains a subtle appearance.

The Stripe chair has a seat shell in oak or ash with upholstered seat in textile or leather.  The frame comes  in white of black lacquered metal.

Here are the dimensions of the chair, so you know how much space you need to clear up in you living room for the Stripe: height – 41/80 cm, width – 69 cm, depth – 67 cm and weights 12 kilograms.

Beautiful details, uncomplicated form, perfect functionality. Congrats, Oliver!

You can find the Stripe chair here.

For more info regarding he product contact Oliver Schick or Skandiform.

All photos via Oliver Schick.

Enjoy the finest product design daily, love FTDM.

Sunday coffee: The Grounds, Sydney

Hello guys! This Sunday we are having coffee at this lovely spot in Sydney,  Australia. This is The Grounds of Alexandria, a hub for coffee lovers and organic food admirers alike.   

The Grounds of Alexandria is the brainchild of creative  entrepreneur Ramzey Choker,  which was conceived from a deep  passion for quality food and tremendous coffee. 

Caroline Choker is the interior designer who brought passion and warmth to The Grounds of Alexandria. She managed to  transform the former industrial warehouse and pie factory into a stylish  café, restaurant and lush outdoor garden.

This is not only the place where you can enjoy an organic and homegrown dish with your beloved ones, but also the perfect spot to improve your knowledge and grow your passion for coffee. The Grounds has a  Research Facility, where they test different beans, roasts and blends to create a rich, aromatic and balanced range of beans. They also offer world-class training across all aspects of the coffee journey. Sounds tempting enough for you ?

Whether you are interested in coffee culture or sustainable gardening methods and fresh produce, this is the place where you can feed both you body and soul. Everything looks so good I can almost hear the espresso dripping in that tiny porcelain cup. 

I can only give my regards and deep respect to the owners of  The Grounds. You have no idea how happy I get when I see people doing beautiful things with so much passion. Definitely this spot goes on my list of  places to see in this lifetime !

If I stirred up your curiosity, you can connect with The Grounds here, here and here.

All photos and info via

Till next Sunday, enjoy the finest coffee and product design daily, love FTDM.

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